-Year 4 B 2019 - 2020

Miss Brown


My name is Miss Brown- and this is Class 5B's class page! Keep an eye out regularly for updates on what we have been doing in school and important information.

Please read below for things to remember for this year and to see what we've been up to so far. Don't forget to look at our gallery page and blogs as well.

Homework is handed out every Friday and is due in the following Wednesday (unless told otherwise). Homework will be just Maths. Spellings will be sent home on a Friday, and the spelling test will be on the following Friday. We ask that your child spends no longer than half an hour on their homework, and if they are still stuck then don't hesitate to come to me for help! Please continue to encourage your child to read regularly for pleasure every day, to support the reading they are doing in school.

Creative Curriculum
Our Creative Curriculum topic this term is Ancient Greece. Throughout this topic the children will be learning about life in Ancient Greece, Greek Democracy, The Olympics, the Greek alphabet, Greek Myths and Greek Gods/Goddesses. We will be having a Greek Day towards the end of term to celebrate everything we have learnt.

We offer two hours Physical Education each week with one session indoors and one session outdoors. Children will need tracksuits for outdoor sessions and a Plantation PE kit for indoor sessions. PE is not a voluntary subject and all students must take part unless they have a medical note. We have indoor PE on a Tuesday, and outdoor PE on a Wednesday. Please be aware that outdoor PE will be taking place in cold weather, so please send a tracksuit into school with your child so they can participate in these lessons.

Walking Home
When children reach Year 5 they are allowed to walk home alone if parents provide written consent to their class teacher, however the decision as to whether children walk home lies completely with the parent/carer. Factors such as distance from home, maturity of the child and number of roads to cross must be taken into consideration before allowing your child to walk home from school. Their safety is paramount. Written permission must be provided in order for your child to leave school alone - this will help when someone other than the class teacher is dismissing the children at the end of the day.

Also, please inform the school if someone different will be picking your child up (such as a grandparent, other family members or if your child is going home with another parent).

Children will have a break at 11.00am and lunch at 12.40pm and they must bring a healthy snack into school to eat at breaktime. The time between them having their breakfast to having their lunch is simply too long for children to go without having some food and drink. Please be aware that snacks must not contain nuts, as we do have children with severe airborne nut allergies.

Please send a water bottle into school with your child, as they have regular opportunities to drink during the day and this will, in turn, aid their concentration!

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Miss Brown



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