P.E and Sport 2020 - 2021

National School Sports Week 2021


This year's theme is:


Download the poster by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the link underneath the final video.


Highland Games Home Challenges


The Highland Games Home Challenges are a great way for everyone to experience our sports week celebrations.

On the week beginning 24.06.21, a challenge video will be uploaded each day for you to try at home. These tasks will be based on the activities that our children will be attempting during their Highland Games festivals in school the following week.

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Challenge 1: Farmer's Dash

Fill your two buckets/plastic bags with items and set up your track. You can complete it as a time trial (how quick it takes you to complete the track), as a 'how many laps' in a certain time or as a race against others.

Challenge 2: Toss the Caber

Create your caber by using a mop/broom or through other ways (2l bottle with some water in; shoes) and get flipping!  You could complete this as a competition against others or have five flips and see what your best finishing position is. Remember, the caber must make one full rotation for it to count and the position it lands in is based on the position of the numbers on a clock (straight equals 12 o'clock). 

Challenge 3: Haggis Hurl

For your 'haggis', you need an object that is dispensable and has the potential to break/spill on impact with the ground (e.g. water balloon, sandwich bag with rice/sugar). You could complete this as an individual challenge or as a competition against others. The individual challenge could be: how many throws you can do before it breaks or your furthest throw without it breaking. The competition against others could be: the furthest throw without it breaking scores a point and the first to 5 points wins, or the competitiors take it in turns to throw the object and if it doesn't break/spill, they are through to the next round. If it does break/spill, then they are out. The last competitor left wins. Remember, the deadline for competition entries is Sunday, so if you don't have the objects to complete this challenge today, don't worry! You could always do this at the weekend when there is a bit more time to gather everything that you need together. 

Challenge 4: Sheaf Toss

A broom/mop is the best to use for your 'flipping' device and a cushion works well as the 'sheaf', but feel free to use whatever you have at home! This is a tricky one to master, so don't worry if you are finding it tough at first. Keep practising as you will get it eventually. This can be completed as an individual personal challenge or as a competition between players. For each, the aim is to flip the sheaf as far fowards as possible using your flipping device. When the sheaf lands, use a shoe/marker to mark it's position. If you are completing it as an individual challenge, keep flipping and only move your shoe marker if your sheaf lands further than it. If you are competing against others, after a round of throwing, award a point to the furthest toss and repeat. First to 5 points wins the game. 

Challenge 5: Sack Race

A pillow case is ideal for this activity but you could also use laces to tie your legs together to create the same effect. If you are completing this as an individual challenge, create your track and set a time limit (30 seconds/1 minute etc). See how many laps you can complete and then repeat the process to see whether you can beat your personal best. If you are competing against others, you could complete the individual version but the most laps wins each round, or you could have all competitors playing at once and the first to get across the finish line wins!




Mission Statement

To promote and provide exciting, engaging sporting opportunities, so that our children leave our school with the knowledge of how to lead a healthy lifestyle and the desire to be life-long participants in physical activity.


At Plantation Primary, we aim to make P.E and sport an integral part of our children's lives, as we believe in the positive impact it can have on our children's health, their social skills and their self-esteem. Therefore, we strive to provide as many opportunities for our children as possible by liaising with a number of key stakeholders.

Follow us on Twitter @PlantationPE

We now have a P.E & Sport twitter account up and running, showcasing all of the fantastic things that we do here at Plantation. Please follow us for all of the latest sporting activity!

Educate Awards 2017-2020

Our commitment to providing invaluable sporting experiences for our children has been recognised at the Educate Awards for the past four year. The Educate Awards identifies oustanding practice in schools across the North West of England. 

At the 2017, 2018 & 2020 Educate awards, we won the 'Outstanding Commitment to Sport in Primary School' category and in 2019, we were finalists for the award. Below is what the Educate Awards had to say about our applications in 2017 and 2018:




School Games Mark

We are delighted to announce that we have maintained the Gold School Games Mark this year, meaning we have now been a Gold School Games Mark school for the previous four years!  This award recognises the incredible amount of extra-curricular and competitive sporting opportunities on offer for all of our children, acknowledging that these have increased beyond what has been on offer in any years previously!


Merseyside Sports Partnership's Case Study on Plantation

We were ecstatic when Merseyside Sports Partnership (MSP) contacted us in April 2017 to conduct a case study on our outstanding use of Sports Premium funding. After liaising with us for a couple of months, MSP created a case study document and three short videos showcasing our school's use of funding. Read the document by clicking the image below and view the videos at the bottom of the page by clicking play!



Extra-curricular activities

At Plantation, we aim to offer extra-curricular sporting clubs every day of the week. Unfortunately, we will not be delivering extra-curricular clubs in the Autumn 1 term. This is to ensure that we keep all of our school community as safe as possible. 


Before School

During School

After school






























Plantation have a fantastic partnership with KMcSports. KMcSports are an outstanding professional coaching company who offer a wide range of sporting activities at Plantation. These provide our children with high quality extra-curricular activities that enhance the learning of a variety of skills and techniques whilst also focusing on enjoyment and participation. 


Play Leaders

Each year, we select children to become play leaders. They have an important role of planning and officiating organised play activities for other children during break and lunch time periods. These opportunities provide our play leaders with valuable experiences that develop their leadership skills. In turn, our play and lunch time breaks are full of exciting activities for all of our children to take part in!


Competition for all at Plantation Primary

We aim to provide our children with a wide variety of competitive opportunities throughout the school year. These include intra-school competitions run by Mr Sanders and our sports leaders, and inter-school competitions run by the Knowsley School Sports Partnership and the Halewood cluster partnership.


Inter-School Competitions

Below are the inter-school competitions that we have entered in this school year:

Date Tournament/Competition Outcome


Intra-school competitions

To ensure that all of our children have an opportunity to participate in competitive sport, we aim to run at least one intra-school competition each half term. The competitions are officiated by Mr Noblett and our play leaders and the winning individuals/teams receive a medal and get to lift the coveted Plantation Sports Cup!

Term Sport/Activity Winners

Local clubs in partnership with Plantation Primary

We have developed a number of partnerships with external sporting clubs and providers in order to promote further physical activity and sporting opportunities for our children to participate in outside of school. Below is a list of our current partners:

Club name Physical Activity/Sport on Offer Further Information
Knowsley Harriers Athletics



Total Gymnastics Beth Tweddle Academy Gymnastics



Planet Ice Ice Skating & Widnes Wild Ice Hockey Ice skating
Ice Hockey


Mike Gilbert: 0151 420 7930

Old Xaverians CC Cricket



Liverpool Basketball club Basketball http://www.liverpoolbasketball.com/html/sessions.html
St Helens RLFC Rugby League Daniel.McKernan@saintsrlfc.com
Lancashire Thunder CC Cricket JClarke@lccc.co.uk
West Park Rugby Football Club Rugby Stu Holland - 07932796404
Mersey Mavericks Basketball merseymavericksbasketball@aol.co.uk
Halewood A.B.C Boxing Sarah Seleh - 07597559042
Halewood Town JFA Football George Vaughan - 10georgev@tiscali.co.uk
Liverpool Sefton Hockey Club Hockey


Paul Feaver - 07850168488







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