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We are the Plantation Primary School Arts Council. The people who are in it are Kendal, Tayt, Grace and Daniel. The council is all about Music, Dance and Drama

What is Art?

Art is all about creativity, imagination, patience and independance. In art, you can paint, shade, draw, colour and fold. As a painter, you create murals and portraits.

What is Drama?

Drama is about independance, fun and acting. When you perform or do drama, there can be comedy/humour. 


What is Music?

Music is a collection of coordinated sound or sounds. Making music is the process of putting sounds and tones in an order, often combining them to create a unified composition. People who creatively, organise sounds for a desired result, like a Beethoven symphony or one of Duke Ellington's jazz songs.

This term, we have created a school council meeting for all the children across the school and have also interviewed children from each class about the new music scheme (Kapow) that we have just introduced into school. These are the results. (They are graded between 5 and 1 with 5 being brilliant and 1 being poor.)

How have you found the new music scheme?

100% of children asked gave up above 3 with 42% children giving it 5 out of 5.

Did you do any listening to music?

100% of children asked said that they listened to music as part of their topic.

Did you do any composition?

This depended on the topic - The children in Year Six were writing their own WW2 songs, whereas the younger children did not compose.

What did you learn?

We learned how to write graphics scores, we learnt to play drums, we used the drums to make our own music.

Did you like it better than our previous scheme?

The answer to this question was largely yes. The reasons that were given included:

We are learning about old music, it gives more creative opportunities, I like the type of music that we listen to, 


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