The Performing Arts 2022 - 2023

The Performing Arts at Plantation Primary School

Performing Arts Mission Statement

To encourage and support an enjoyment and 
understanding of the performing arts through a wide 
range of experiences and opportunities across the 
curriculum. This will develop children’s self-confidence 
and belief in themselves providing a natural pathway 
for children to master skills that will equip them for 

During their time at Plantation Primary School, all children will receive a number of performing arts experiences. 

Year 2: Drama workshop with Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

Year 3: Drama workshop with Helen of Grady Drama Academy

Year 4: All children will taught by a specialist how to play a musical instrument. (Flute or Clarinet and then Ukulele)

Year 5: All children will be taught by a specialist how to play Samba

Year 6: All children will be taught by a specialist how to play handbells.


Scheme of work


Music Timetable


Singing in our School

This year in our school, we took part in an anti bullying project where we learnt to sing and sign the song "No matter what" and we performed this in Liverpool cathedral with a number of other local schools. We also performed this in assembly. 


Each term, as well as "No matter what" that we all learnt for anti bullying week, we all learn a song in our classes that we perform at the end of term. This is also recorded for our singing portfolio. 



Our choir has children from Years 3 to 6. We meet every week and have a wide repertoire, including both serious and more light hearted songs. We perform regularly in school and around our local area. The children perform at our local day care centre and in the Liverpool Royal Hospital over the Christmas period. During our performance at the hospital, we raised over £200 for the hospital charity, which was fantastic news.


Instrumental Tuition

The children are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument  when they get to Year Three. We currently have children learning the ukulele, guitar, flute and clarinet.

All the children in Year Four are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument for free. They are taught by an  experienced musicians and music teacher and will learn how to the play the instrument during the course of the year. They will also develop other skills in music such as singing and as well as appraising different styles of music.


Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (RLPO) Christmas Concert

Some of our Choir take part in a concert with the world famous Halle brass ensemble every Christmas. They sing a range of Christmas songs and carols as part of a massed choir. This is a fantastic opportunity and the children loved every minute of it. We are always very proud of them.




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