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Please be advised that all children that attend school on Thursday 19th March and or Friday 20th March will receive a home learning pack (paper copy).  Home learning packs (paper copy) will not be available after school closes on Friday 20th March 2020.  However, for any children that are absent, there is an electronic home learning pack at the bottom of this page.

All additional home learning work will be on Class 3A's page (Mr Hawes).

Thank you for your ongoing support and please take care.

Mrs Chiocchi x





Welcome to Mrs Chiocchi’s Year 3 class page.  This year will be extremely busy and the following parent/carer key information will hopefully help you:


PE Days: Monday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor).


Spellings: Children will have a blind test on their new spellings on Mondays. They will then be given a set to take home and practise and have their actual spelling test on Fridays.


Times Tables: Children will begin to be tested on Year 3 times tables every Monday.


Reading: School journals/planners should be used to record any reading that takes place inside and outside of school.  All children should be reading every day at home. The children are now using a reading scheme called ‘Accelerated Reading’.  This scheme will identify a score for your child and recommend suitable books based on that score.  You may feel that the books being recommended to your child are ‘easy’, but this scheme has been designed to test your child on their understanding of the content of the book, not the fluency of their reading.  Once your child completes their book, they need to bring the book into school and complete a short test on an ipad in school. They will receive a percentage score and the scheme will then recommend a new book for them to read.  I will hear all of the children read each week as part of the reciprocal reading sessions (see note in journal/planner for details).


Homework: Every day, your child will be expected to spend 5 minutes to:


  • Practise their spellings using Spelling Shed (see journal/planner for your child’s login details) or using another method.
  • Practise their times tables using Times Table Rockstars (see journal/planner for your child’s login details) or using another method.
  • Read their accelerated reading book with an adult.


Our curriculum provides a holistic approach to teaching and learning, by engaging and developing the whole child.  To see full details of our curriculum, please click on ‘About us’, then ‘Curriculum’.


Should you have any queries or concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to come in and have a chat with me.


Mrs Chiocchi











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