Arrivals and Home Times

This is a busy time of day for school and we ask all parents/carers to pay close attention to following the right movement and timings around school.

We can only do this in a safe way for everyone if everyone does their part to arrive and leave within their allotted time, follows the designated routes and respects their distance from others.

Please ensure just one parent/carer accesses the site for their child/children.  This is to minimise the number of people on site.

Please do not congregate on site or around the areas directly outside of school, e.g. the school gates.  Our neighbours and other members of the public need to keep safe and we can do our part by ensuring we do not create crowded areas around and outside the school site.

Below is a map showing where each year group or class enters and exits the building.  A second map sets out the one-way routes marked out for drop off and collection.

The school day will be slightly changed for some year groups (the length of a school day remains the same and no child is having more or less time at school).

Please check the list below and ensure you bring your child to school on time as this supports a steady flow of people on and off our site.

Each year group has a 5-minute time slot starting at the times set out below.

Please do not arrive earlier than your time slot.

As with previous staggered times, access to school is only at the time relevant for your child’s year group and they should not arrive earlier as the gates may be closed and access to the school site restricted for staff only.

  • Year 6 - 8.45am and 3.15pm
  • Year 5 - 8.45am and 3.15pm
  • Year 4 - 8.50am and 3.20pm
  • Year 3 - 8.50am and 3.20pm
  • Year 2 - 8.45am and 3.15pm
  • Year 1 - 8.50am and 3.20pm
  • Reception - 8.45am and 3.15pm
  • Nursery - All Usual Times

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