Remote education

Attendance will be mandatory for all pupils of compulsory school age from 8th March.

If a child cannot attend school because they are clinically extremely vulnerable, isolating or symptomatic, school still has a responsibility to provide them with an education.

Children in Y1-Y6 have been provided with their own email address and password in order to access work through Google Classroom.  Children in Early Years (Nursery and Reception) will continue to use Tapestry to support their blended learning.

This is what will happen in the following situations:

  1. If your child is absent with COVID-19 symptoms and is awaiting a test result:

We will either provide a printed pack for your child to take home with them or email a pack of work to you. Work completed should be returned to school.

  1. If your child is isolating because there has been a positive test in their class and they have been told to isolate:

We will either provide a printed pack for your child to take home with them or email a pack of work to you.  Work completed should be returned to school.

We will also support home learning via Google Classroom (see below for more information on Google Classroom).

If the isolation is for an extended period (it can be up to 14 days) we will also organise a Zoom class meeting and send out invites.

  1. If your child is isolating because they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive outside of school:

We will email a pack of work to you (we may also be able to print a pack for your to collect if necessary).  Work completed should be returned to school.

  1. If a child is shielding as they are clinically extremely vulnerable:

Years 1-6 children will be using Google Classroom for their home learning activities, EYFS children will use Tapestry.  (Please see the section ‘Google Classroom’ and ‘Tapestry’ below for more information.) We will also organise, at least weekly, live online sessions so children can see their teachers.  The focus for these sessions will be to support children’s social and emotional wellbeing.  We found these to be very popular and useful previously in supporting all our children.

If your child is absent due to illness (not COVID-19 related), no work will be sent home as we will presume they are too unwell to complete it.

Please note, where a parent decides to withdraw their child from school for reasons other than those discussed above, we would not provide remote education.  Where a parent has decided they do not wish their child to attend school they should refer to the following web page about Elective Home Education.


‘Google Classroom’

Every child in Y1 to Y6 will have their log in details in their Planner and teachers will use this to set and collect work, and deliver recorded lessons.  We are currently rolling this out across school for the setting and completion of weekly homework where relevant.  This is so that the children get chance to use it regularly and become familiar with it.  Teachers are also using it during lessons for extra practice.  This online facility will be our way of delivering the curriculum remotely and we ask that you also check each teacher’s web page for details of suggested timetables and other activities that you may find useful.


This is already well established in Nursery and Reception and our staff in Early Years will use this to support home learning should it be needed.  They will also post advice and further activities on their class pages along with a suggested timetable.

Should you require support or clarification about the work provided, please contact your child’s Class Teacher via Google Classroom or Tapestry.  Please remember, that if the teacher is still at school and teaching during the day, replies can only be sent outside of normal school hours.

Work completed at home will be used to assess their progress along with their work done in school. For this reason, it would be helpful if you could encourage your child to work independently.  When support is needed, make a note of this on their work for their teacher to see.

If you are unable to access our online materials please let school know as soon as possible and paper packs can be provided for you to collect from school. We will contact you to discuss a mutually convenient time for collection.

Please make sure school has your up to date email and contact details