Children's University


Plantation Primary School is a validated Children’s University learning destination. Children’s University is a national programme and it encourages children to access learning beyond the normal school day and to gain recognition for their commitment to enhancing their own learning.

Throughout the year you will receive information regarding extra-curricular ‘Children’s University’ clubs that your child may attend within the school. These clubs will be developed into modules that have clear and structured learning objectives that will help provide quality enrichment activities. 

Children will receive credits for each hour they spend attending these after school clubs and the credits will be recorded. Children will receive a Children’s University ‘National Award’ once they have reached Bronze (30 hours) Silver (65 hours) and Gold (100 hours). Children and families will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony in one of the local universities. The children will be dressed in caps and gowns then presented with their national certificate. The graduation is a brilliant way to celebrate the commitment and hard work the children have displayed towards learning throughout the year. 

Children’s University encourages voluntary learning and has a strong emphasis on commitment to engage in activities and learning.

Children can also attend a wide range of ‘Public Learning Destinations’ in their own time and they will receive extra credits for the learning they undertake at these settings. A map detailing all the validated ‘Learning Destinations’ can be found on the national website

If you would like to encourage a provider outside of school to become a validated ‘Learning Destination’ please request an information card from school. Pass this on to the provider and they can get in touch with Children’s University directly to begin the validation process.

As a school, we would like to acknowledge and thank the parents/carers for the pivotal role that they play in the children’s engagement in extra curricular activities; they could not do it without you.

If you would like any further information about this exciting initiative please contact Ms. Debbie Bennett, School Business Manager, who is the school’s Children’s University Coordinator.