France 2018


The morning of departure

  • Meeting at Plantation at 2.15am latest ready for a 2.30am departure.
  • Parents and children will not have access to the school grounds on the morning of Monday 15th October. The bus will be parked at the bus stop outside the school grounds. When children arrive to school, the teachers will get the children on the coach straight away. Parents can choose to either leave at this point or stay to wave the coach off. We ask for parents and children respect our neighbours by parking responsibly and being as quiet as possible
  • All medication to be given to Mr Sanders, clearly labelled with child's name and dosage. Complete medication form 
  • During our travel to Dover, curtains will be closed, no DVD and children will be encouraged to sleep (a light, breakfast snack should be provided).

What to pack

The kit list on the information sheet is not overly suited to our trip as we won't be doing the outdoor adventure activities at the centre. We will be doing plenty of walking and sight seeing so practical, comfortable clothes and shoes are essential!
We recommend:

  • jeans/leggings/track suit bottoms
  • t-shirts/long sleeved tops
  • jumper/fleece/zip up jackets
  • water proof jacket
  • warm waterproof coat
  • trainers/comfortable shoes to walk in
  • underwear (extra socks incase it rains)
  • hat and gloves (weather dependent)

Other essential items:

  • wash bag
  • towel
  • small rucksack for days out
  • water bottle

Leaving the centre

We would like to confirm that whenever the children are to leave the PGL venue (for example to the market, Disneyland or Paris city centre) they will be accompanied by school staff and a member of staff from PGL. Also, we are going to purchase high visibility jackets for the children to wear whilst out of the centre.

 Water bottle

We suggest that children bring with them a refillable water bottle. This can be used for the duration of the trip and can be filled before they leave the centre and when on the ferry. It is suggested that children bring with them an additional plastic water bottle for the drive to Dover.

Personal DVD players, MP3 players and disposable cameras

It has been decided that children can bring with them personal DVD players and MP3 players with headphones. We ask parents to ensure children do not bring films rated higher than a PG. These devices must not be able to connect to the internet and must not be able to take pictures or videos. Also, children will be allowed to take disposable cameras with them. These must not be digital cameras were photos can be edited and shared.

Spending Money

We ask parents to not send their child with any addition spending money. The money the children spend during the trip will be controlled by the teachers; children will not be able to freely spend their money. The money that we have suggested you send in is sufficient enough for the trip and the activities planned. We do not want some children having more money to spend than others as this will not be fair.

School website

On the run up to the trip, this is an area you can go to if you have any queries. It will also be helpful to check over the weekend before the trip (Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October) as you will not be able to get in contact with the school. Also, this is where teachers will be blogging during the duration of the trip and we encourage parents/carers to check this of an evening and comment.

Medication forms

We would like to remind you to bring in any medical forms before Friday 12th October. This will allow Mr Sanders (the trip’s First Aider) time over the weekend to familiarise himself with any and all medication needed for the duration of the trip.

Contacting us

Please check this page for blogs throughout the trip, teachers will try to blog in the evenings. The teachers attedning the trip will have a school mobile phone, if you need to get in contact with the group then please ring the school and the school will contact the group.