Healthy Lifestyles Parent and Child Club

In partnership with the Knowsley Schools for Health Team, we have set up a Healthy Lifestyles parent and child workshop. Our parents and children have took part in fun physical activity, food awareness workshops and healthy cooking sessions. Below are examples of the feedback that we have received from our parents about our Healthy Lifestyles club:

"By attending these workshops, I have now changed our eating and exercise plans to become healthier."

"My daughter has enjoyed the physical activities and the experiments with different foods."

"The teachers were very informative and were more than happy to answer any questions that we had about the topics that we were discussing!"


With the support and guidance that we have received from the Knowsley Schools for Health Team over the past twelve months, we hope to continue running the club for our parents and children in the future. Check out the pictures of our club and the delicious recipes that our parents and children have been trying out!