Parental access to ParentPay at Plantation will cease on Friday, 14th February @ 5 p.m.

Any balance on your child’s individual payment item, i.e. Dinner Money, will be transferred over to our new payment system Arbor by the school admin team.

Children’s individual payment items, i.e. Dinner Money, will be available for parents to view on Arbor from Saturday, 15th February.

Parents may have funds sat in their ParentPay account after 5 p.m. on Friday, 14th February (your account is the place where you hold funds before allocating them to a payment item i.e. Dinner Money). The following link provides guidance for parents on sending the money back to your debit or credit card – please note you need to do this by Friday, 13th March 2020. Accounts will be locked after this date. School cannot arrange this for you.


If you have a child at another school, and the school uses ParentPay, the balance in your account can be used to pay for items at the other school. Therefore, there would be no need to claim the money back

If your child attends Breakfast or After School club, separate guidelines have been sent to you previously as different procedures apply in relation to final balances on Friday, 14th February.

School will be open during half term should you have any queries and wish to contact us by phone.