Maths at Home


At Plantation Primary we value the importance of links with parents and helping to support them in their Mathematical development. With this in mind, we have some useful resources, below, that you can use at home to help you when supporting your children.

On July 7th 2017, we will be participating in the Liverpool Maths Party 2017. The purpose of the party day is to celebrate all facets of Maths and its relevance to our lives. With this in mind Liverpool Learning Partnership have developed virtual party bags for you to use at home.

Follow the website to download your party bag:

Times tables games 

We would like to promote the use of times tables games at home to help support your children with their understanding. Below is a link to some of the games we used as part of our parent workshop. Hope you enjoy!


Magical Maths


After-school Programme

Magical Maths is an afterschool maths programme exclusively for primary aged children. Your child will witness mind blowing after-school sessions that will leave them ‘wowed’ and amazed. Magical Maths sessions are quite the spectacle; we’ve got a genius professor, world class detectives, mind reading magicians and eccentric athletes, all dedicated to making maths fun for your child.


Every year we help tens of thousands of children (just like yours) to LOVE their maths!


So what will your child be doing?

Magical Maths provides mega-fun maths learning sessions with a different theme each week. Here is an example of the themes your child will see at their first Magical Maths session:

  • Week 1: Maths Genius Training
  • Week 2: Maths Detective Training
  • Week 3: Mathemagician Training
  • Week 4: Mathletes Training
  • Week 5: Puzzles & Games Training
  • Week 6: Vote for your favourite to return!

Each week has a single, one hour session and covers a variety of educational topics in a fun and exciting way. The clubs feature our crack team of teaching superstars that will visit YOUR child's primary school from week to week, including a maths detective, a maths genius, the mathletes, and a mathemagician. Each week there are three different activities that your child will take part in. These activities are based around mega fun games, puzzles and tricks.

If you are interested in your child joining the club then please enquire at the school office.


Explore learning 2017

This year we have the privilege of working closely with Explore learning. Explore learning will be working with all year groups to promote Mathematics across the curriculum. If you are interested in what else they can provide for your child then please see the link below.

Image result for tycoon in schools

Our Year 6 children have been working closely with the Tycoon in Schools Charity. The children have succesfully been donated £280. The children will be working over the next couple of weeks on enterprsie events and be running stalls closert to December. Keep a look out on here for dates!


A big congratulations to our Year 6 children who raised £175 from their enterprise events. Upper 7 raised £200 from their Christmas card sales, making a profit of £120 and Upper 8 made £145, with a profit of £75. The money that we have raised will now be invested again towards other enterprise events in the Summer term.


Maths ambassadors

Our Maths ambassadors have been working really hard to set up our games club. The games club has now been running half a term and has gone from strength to strength. Check out some of the pictures below.

Once again we will be taking part in the Liverpool Maths Party Day. Below are some useful resources for use at home.