Minimising contact

Throughout the pandemic the measures below have been in place.  In light of the third national lockdown announced at 8pm Monday 4th January, we have highlighted in bold specific aspects that MUST be strictly adhered to.

Community transmission rates in Knowsley have rapidly increased during lockdown 3, despite tougher national restrictions.  This, coupled with news of a new more transmissible covid-19 strain, mean that restrictions on movement are an important part of the national lockdown.  We know that staying at home can be hard but we must do all we can.

If you are a key worker, please ensure you only access a school place if you have no other option.

Each year group, and classes within those year groups, will minimise contact.  Staff and children will access school via their own doorway and movement around school will be minimised at all times.

The sharing of resources will be kept a minimum and we will involve the children in learning how to keep surfaces and objects clean throughout the day.  Items such as PE equipment, will stay within a year group for the half term and cleaned between uses.  At the end of the half term, shared resources such as this will be cleaned and stored for a minimum of one week before moving to a new year group.

Staff working across year groups will be minimised and occur only where necessary.  Where a staff member’s role involves moving between year groups, they will ensure handwashing and hygiene standards are strictly adhered to.

Classrooms will, where furniture and space allows, be organised into front facing rows.  Teachers and support staff will minimise close contact (within 1 metre) with children, keeping social distancing measures (2 metres) throughout the day as much as possible.  Children will be expected to also maintain social distancing measures as much as possible throughout the day.

School lunches will be taken in class, except for those children in Early Years who will have their lunch in the Main Hall.

Break times will be within an area designated for the year group and year groups will not mix.

Assemblies will not take place in school halls, but we will instead try to bring the school together in a virtual way through online assemblies.

The start and end of the school day will be staggered and there are designated routes for parents/carers to follow to minimise mixing.  The priority at the start and end of the school day is for pupils to safely leave the site.  To avoid congestion, we kindly ask that: contact with staff is minimised – if you need to ask your child’s teacher something, please contact via email or phone call; parents/carers do not congregate on site or around the school gates.

To minimise the number of people on site one person only is allowed on site to collect their child/children.

For more information on drop off and pick up please see the section ‘Arrivals and Home Times’.