Reception September 2021

Exciting times for Reception 2021 but we are not quite ready yet.... and this page isn't currently up and running, but be sure to keep a look out for the many updates to come....

However all applicants, whether online or postal, should have now received a letter with confirmation of their allocated primary school.

All allocation letters have been sent out, by 1st class post, on Thursday 15th April and therefore applicants should have received confirmation of their allocation on Friday 16th April.

Online applicants have also received an allocation confirmation email on the 16th April, as well as their letter. 

We urge parents not to call the Admissions Team until they have received their email or letter and/or have been to the website below to see if their query can be answered there.

A lot of information and FAQs, for example regarding the appeals process, can be found on the webpage   which has now been fully updated and expanded in light of the current situation.

Additional information regarding transition arrangements cannot be finalised at this moment.

Finally, please also note that due to social distancing measures, there are less staff available to take phone calls and respond to emails, therefore we are trying to alleviate the number of calls/emails the school receives by posting information via the school website and main Twitter account @PlantationPS and recommend checking these first for further updates.


The video below is a virtual tour of our reception department that was recorded in 2020.