Sports Festivals

This year, our Sports Festival events will comprise of three sporting activities from around the world for our children to try and the finals of our year group competitions.

The three activities that the children will try are Oodama Okuri, Seated (Sitting) Volleyball and Kabaddi.

Oodama Okuri

Oodama Okuri is a traditional Japanese sports festival race that involves a giant ball. The aim of the race is to transport the giant ball around a track by rolling the ball and by passing the ball over the team’s heads. Our children will practise some of the skills involved before taking part in an Oodama Okuri style race!

Seated (Sitting) Volleyball

Seated (Sitting) Volleyball is an adapted version of Volleyball that has been a Paralympic sport since 1976. The main difference between Seated Volleyball and Volleyball is that all players must have their bottom touching the ground when making contact with the ball. In our adapted version, the children will use balloons/beach balls to practise the skills involved before competing to see which team can create the longest rally!


Kabaddi is a team contact sport that originated in the South Indian States. The aim of the game is to tag as many opponents as possible before returning to your team’s zone within the time limit. Our children will be taking part in a non-contact adapted version of the sport that uses tag rugby belts. They will practise the skills involved before taking part in an adapted version of a Kabaddi match.

Please watch the videos below to see the sports/activities in action.

The finals of our year group competitions will occur at the end of each Sports Festival to determine our year group champions of 2018! The finale will be the medal ceremony and 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed children will receive an engraved medal to commemorate their achievements. 

Check out our gallery below for photographs of our sports festival events: