'Sports From Around the World' Research Task

As part of our NSSW celebrations this year, we would like our children to research a sport from around the world for homework and present what they have discovered to their friends in school. Below is a list outlining which sport each year group will be researching:




Lower 1 (Mrs Chadwick)

Lower 2 (Mrs Cook)

Lower 3 (Miss Ellis)


Lower 4 (Mr Fillis)

Lower 5 (Mrs Chiocchi)

Lower 6 (Miss Robinson)


Lower 7 (Mrs Dundon)

Lower 8 (Mr Sanders)

Seated (Sitting) Volleyball

Upper 1 (Mr Houghton)

Upper 2 (Mr Price)

Ice Hockey

Upper 3 (Mr Palmer)

Upper 4 (Miss Brown)
Upper 5 (Mr Hodgson)

Wheelchair Basketball

Upper 6 (Mr McGorian)

Upper 7 (Miss Booth)

Upper 8 (Miss Hughes)





















Each year group will have the opportunity to share their findings during our end of the week celebration assemblies, so that others can learn about the many unique sports that exist around the world.