Staff Information

Leadership Team

Headteacher – Mr S Hanley

Deputy Headteacher – Mr C Boulton

Business Manager – Ms D Bennett

Foundation Stage Leader (Nursery and Reception) – Mrs S Booth

Key Stage One (Years 1 to 3) – Mr K Fillis

Key Stage Two (Years 4 to 6) – Mr K Hodgson

SENCO – Mrs E Dundon


Middle Leaders

Literacy Leader – Miss K Hughes

Maths Leaders – Mr M Houghton

Performing Arts Leader – Mr B Palmer

Physical Education Leader – Mr K Sanders


Teaching and Support Staff


Mrs Booth

Support Staff – Mrs Adeniran, Mrs Green, Mrs Smith



Yr R A – Mrs Ekoku

Yr R B – Miss Dixon

Support Staff – Mrs Densmore, Miss Riley


Key Stage One

Year 1 A – Mrs Chadwick

Year 1 B – Mrs Cook

Support Staff – Mrs Daly, Mrs Cornwell

Year 2 A – Mr Fillis

Year 2 B – Mrs Chiocchi

Years 2 C –  Miss Robinson

Support Staff – Mrs Booth, Mrs Davies

Year 3 A – Mrs Dundon

Year 3 B – Mr Sanders

Support Staff – Mrs Parry, Mrs Aspinall

Key Stage Two

Year 4 A – Mr Houghton

Year 4 B – Miss Kirby

Support Staff – Mrs Winstanley

Year 5 A - Mr Palmer

Year 5 B  – Miss Brown

Year 5 C – Mr Hodgson

Support Staff – Mrs Parkinson

Year 6  A – Mr McGorian

Year 6  B – Miss Booth

Year 6 C – Miss Hughes

Support Staff – Mrs Wilson

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs McCumiskey

Mrs Green

Mrs Donoghue

Learning Mentor

Mrs Fallows

Support Staff

Mrs Campbell

Mrs Corness

Miss Grant

Mrs Horn

Miss Parsons

Mrs Jones

Mrs H Hughes

Miss Clark

Admin Team

Business Manager – Ms Bennett

Office Manager – Miss Carroll

Administration Officer – Mrs Christopherson

Administration Officer – Miss Tomkins

School Frist Aid & ICT Support Officer 

 Mr Murphy

1:1 Lunchtime Support Staff

Miss Clark

Senior Midday Supervisors

Mr Murphy

Mrs Eva

Nursery Midday Supervisors

Mrs Lucas

Miss Parsons

Lower School Midday Supervisors

Mrs Williams

Mrs Lane

Mrs Jones

Mrs Christopherson

Mrs Smith

Mrs Carson

Mrs Aspinall

Mrs Horn

Upper School Midday Supervisors

Mrs Venables

Mrs Hughes

Mrs Carson

Mrs Williams

Mrs Parsons

Maintenance Staff

Mr Peel – Site Manager

Extended Services (Breakfast and After School Club, and Holiday Club)

Mrs Skeggs- Extended Hours Manager

Mrs Booth - Day to Day  Manager

Mrs Wilson - Day to Day Manager

Mr Murphy

Mrs Winstanley

Mrs Bloxam

Mrs Parkinson

Mrs Parsons

Miss Parsons

Mrs Eyres

Miss Skeggs

Mrs Lucas

Mr Rice

Miss Moore

Miss Bowers

Mrs Smith

Miss Howard