Reading Journals and Accelerated Reading Scheme

Date: 16th Sep 2018 @ 3:25pm

We are currently waiting for the children's new reading journals to be delivered. Your child will continue to bring home a reading book and any notes you wish to pass on can be written on a piece of paper and placed inside their book.

The children will now be using a reading scheme called 'Accelerated Reading'. This scheme will identify a 'score' for your child and recommend suitable books based on that score. You may think that the books being recommended to your child are 'easy', however this scheme has been designed to quiz your child on their understanding of the content of the book, not the fluency of reading. Once your child completes their book, they need to bring the book into school and complete the quiz on an ipad in school. They will receive a score and the scheme will then recommend a new book for them to read. We will hear all of the children read each week as part of our reciprocal reading sessions.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Dundon and Mr Sanders


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