Swimming Assessment

At Plantation Primary, our children take part in swimming lessons from Y2 to Y6. These occur over a half term per year group at Halewood Leisure Centre.

In the 2020-21 academic year, the Co-vid pandemic and its changing guidelines and requirements meant that we were unable to deliver school swimming lessons for any of our children during the academic year, despite arranging several times to do so

In the 2021-22 academic year, we delivered swimming lessons for Y3-6 children. We scheduled to deliver swimming lessons for Y2 children, but cancellations to swimming lessons at the beginning of the academic year meant that Y2 could no longer attend. We did deliver extra swimming lessons for those Y6 children not meeting the expected guidelines set by the government. The table below shows the achievements of our children before and after the extra swimming lessons:


  Number of children before extra swimming lessons Percentage of year group before extra swimming lessons Number of children after extra swimming lessons Percentage of year group after extra swimming lessons
How many pupils in Y6 can swim 25 metres confidently? 29 49% 36 61%
How many pupils can use a range of strokes effectively over 10m? 29 49% 48 81%
How many pupils can perform safe self-rescue in different situations? 32 54% 70 96%

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