Code of Conduct 

The Codes of Conduct below are part of our Home-School Agreement. They are displayed around the school (simplified to the main headings of the children’s code of conduct for younger children) along with our school rules.

At Plantation Primary, we strive to build strong relationships with parents and create a safe and secure learning environment for our pupils. To ensure this, we maintain a Parent Code of Conduct and ask all parents associated with the school to familiarise themselves and act in accordance with these expectations.

Our expectations of parents include:

  • Setting a good example to all pupils in the way they behave, communicate and dress when on the school premises.
  • Working together with staff members for the benefit of their child to resolve any issues or concerns.
  • Treating all school personnel, pupils and other parents with dignity and respect.
  • Correcting any of their child’s poor behaviour, especially where it could lead to conflict, or aggressive or unsafe behaviour.
  • Respecting the school’s property and keeping it clean and tidy.
  • Adhering to the school’s road and parking rules, and the procedures for picking up and dropping off children at school.
  • Dressing in an appropriate manner when on the school premises.
  • Remaining calm, sensitive and respectful towards others when on the school premises.
  • Ensuring they do not smoke or vape while on the school premises, and do not enter the school premises in possession, or under the influence, of drugs or alcohol.
  • Keeping pets off the school premises.
  • Not taking photographs or videos on the school premises without express permission from the school.

A full version of the Parent Code of Conduct can be accessed via the link below.  We ask that you ensure you are familiar with the Parent Code of Conduct in order to recognise any issues in other parents’ behaviour that may need reporting to the school, and to avoid any disputes or action being taken against you as a result of behaviour we deem inappropriate.

We would also like to remind you that should you have any concerns about another parent’s behaviour which you feel is in breach of our Parent Code of Conduct, you must speak with the School as soon as possible – we ask that you do not address this with the parent directly, in order to avoid putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Poor parent behaviour on the school premises or towards a pupil or member of staff will be handled by the school directly.

Should you have any queries about the contents of the Parent Code of Conduct or need help reading or accessing this document, please contact the School at your earliest convenience.

Parent Code of Conduct

Please click here to view our school's full Parent Code of Conduct.

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