Curriculum Statement

At Plantation Primary school we have created a broad and balanced curriculum designed to provide our pupils with the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to succeed in the next stage of their education and in later life. We meet the standards set by the national curriculum then extend this ensuring our curriculum reflects and meets the needs of our pupils and matches our school's context. 
We have split our curriculum statement into what is referred to as the 3 I’s – Intent (what we aim to deliver), Implementation (how we will deliver our aims), Impact (what our children will achieve).  


Our Curriculum will:

•    Be broad and balanced, dedicating appropriate time to all subjects and celebrating their importance. 
•    Use the best possible learning resources that have been well researched and recommended.
•    Allow our pupils to explore, develop and celebrate their strengths and improve on their areas for development. 
•    Allow all pupils to reach their potential.
•    Be fully inclusive, supporting and celebrating all children regardless of their background or circumstances.
•    Promote equality and diversity with a strong thread of SMSC and British Values running through it.
•    Promote our Super Values of Respect, Determination, Kindness, and Honesty. 
•    Challenge and build resilience and encourages independence. 
•    Develop confidence in a safe environment where mistakes are accepted as positive and part of the learning process.
•    Offer opportunities outside of the national curriculum for new experiences, developing children’s Cultural Capital. 
•    Make the most of the local area by developing knowledge, understanding of, and pride in our local community.
•    Enhance our sense of responsibilities as global citizens by building on our local knowledge with an understanding of our country, the wider world, and different cultures. 
•    Set high expectations for all pupils. 
•    Be inspirational, challenging, and fun.
•    Installs belief that our pupils can make a positive difference in their own lives, to the lives of others, and to 21st century Britain. 
•    Will encourage and guide our children to make the right choices and accept responsibility for the choices they make. 
•    Promote positive communication and interaction with each other.
•    Grow a love of learning with enthusiastic learners, who will question, debate, predict and extend their learning becoming life-long learners.
•    Provide clear progression building upon a solid foundation from EFYS. 
•    Allow children to develop teamwork, reasoning, problem-solving, and application of knowledge.
•    Widen aspirations through engagement with positive role models.
•    Be always evolving.
•    Be flexible, offering opportunities for the children to take the learning on in their own direction. 
•    Promote pupils' mental wellbeing and knowledge of learning to learn. 


Our Curriculum will:

  •    Follow subject specific approach.
  •    Be carefully timetabled to ensure each subject receives appropriate teaching time. 
  •    Use End Points to ensure the focus of teaching is clear. 
  •    Be carefully planned, using and building on the well-researched and recommended resources. 
  •    Be enriched by additional learning opportunities across the curriculum. 
  •    Be delivered in high-quality lessons. 
  •    Be monitored by the headteacher, the curriculum lead, and subject leads. 
  •    Make cross-curriculum links whenever the opportunity arises.
  •    Use knowledge quizzes to assess learning in foundation subjects. 
  •    Use ongoing feedback to maximise pupils learning. 
  •    Use formal assessments at appropriate times to monitor pupils’ progress and inform future learning. 
  •    Have a clear routine for delivering all subjects.
  •    Make full use of our school grounds and the local area. 
  •    Use reflection time to develop metacognition (learning to learn).
  •    Will dedicate time to specific areas when it is deemed appropriate to do so – i.e. Mental health awareness, equality and diversity week. 


Our Curriculum will:

•    Use End Points to assess what our pupils have leant. 
•    Use pupil interviews to assess learning. 
•    Assess pupil’s progress at the end of each unit of work in foundation subjects. 
•    Be regularly reviewed to assess what our pupils are achieving. 
•    Assess pupils’ learning in English and Maths through termly summative assessments. 


Curriculum Policy 

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