Super Values Journey


Our Journey - How our Super Values came about

In the autumn of 2019, Plantation Primary school took part in a joint project with two other schools to celebrate strengths and to share good practise. As part of the feedback for our school, it was commented that we clearly had very strong values embedded but to the outside visitor these were not as explicit as they could be. This got us to thinking about what values our school holds dear and what values the children feel are the most important to them.

We decided to review our rules and values, working with the children to create some universal values we all believe in. This process started with a series of school assemblies to educate the children about what values are and how they differ from rules. From this, the children in Upper School completed a survey about what they felt the most important values are for our school and what they would like them to be called. Children in Lower School had a discussion about this and feedback was given by the class teacher to Mr Boulton who led the process.

Once all the votes had been totalled up and feedback provided, the winning values were:

  • Respect

  • Kindness

  • Determination

  • Honesty

It was decided to refer to these as our Super Values.

School decided that when displaying and promoting our ‘Super Values’, we would also have a list of words with similar meanings to support the children in making links between different vocabulary that can be used for different values.

Supper values.jpg

These values are displayed on all school displays and promoted throughout the school in classes, in assemblies, in competitions and through regular references by staff and children.

These are the values we have in our school and these are what we expect everyone within our school community to hold and display.

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