Vision, Mission & Values

At our school, our vision is what we as a School are striving for; our mission is how we are striving to achieve that vision; and, our values are what we adhere to when carrying out our mission.

Below we set out our vision, mission and values.

Our vision is:

Love to Learn; Aspire to Achieve!

To achieve our vision, our mission is to:

  • encourage a love of learning
  • provide an outstanding education
  • have high expectations for every child
  • enable children to communicate and interact with others confidently
  • help children become well rounded citizens
  • enable children to make the right choices
  • encourage children to make a difference
  • bring out the best in every child
  • provide a solid foundation for life

Our values drive our mission towards our vision.

Our Super Values, the values we have throughout our school community that we expect everyone to hold and display:

Supper values.jpg



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