Christmas Cards and Waste

This year we are making a suggestion (and it is only a suggestion) about Christmas Cards. Every year children enjoy giving each other cards but every year we find many cards left lying around and not taken home. If you imagine every child in a class of 30 bringing in cards for every child in that class (plus the teacher), we are looking at 30 x 30 = 900 cards in each class. Many of these cards cannot be recycled. This term we have looked at litter and recycling, and we thought we would suggest to save waste each child brings in one card for the whole class that will be displayed in class.

Again, this is only a suggestion as we want to get our children thinking about waste, recycling and damage to the environment but we have no wish to spoil any Christmas traditions. If you and/or your child wishes to give out cards to each child, please do; if you think you would like to give one to the class, again please do.

Thank you for your support

Mr Boulton