PTA Christmas Fair and Fundraising Activities

Christmas Fair

A huge thank you to all of you who attended our Christmas Fair last Friday, especially those queuing in the rain to get in.

I am really happy to report that we made over £1000 of profit from the event, which is an excellent result for our school, thank you again.

At the next committee meeting we will be looking at what issues to focus our fundraising on and we will display these priorities, the amount we need and the amount already dedicated to them on our PTA page of the school website.  We’ll let you know when this first goes up in the New Year.

 Raffles and prizes

We will be continuing with many of our raffles this week, selling tickets first thing in the morning at the Main Reception, and at the Reception Class’ performances.  The draw will take place this Friday (7th December) and we will contact all the lucky winners to come and collect your prize.  Good luck to everyone who has entered so far!

 Name the teddy

Our Name the Teddy stall has now finished and the winners will be collected to collect their prizes this week.  Our teddys Lotso and Rosie are looking forward to meeting their new owners!

Name the Grinch teddy will be ongoing through the week and the name announced on Friday 7th December, so there is still time for this one!  See the the Main Reception first thing in the morning.

 Football Cards

At the Christmas Fair we also launched a Football Card game, one for each class.  You may be familiar with the concept – each class has a card with forty  football teams on it.  It costs £2 a go to choose a team.  Once the card is filled up we will scratch the top of the card to reveal the winning team.  The winner will receive £40 and the other £40 raised by the card will go directly to that class to buy wet playtime games for them.

We will be organising for our pupils to come round to classes selling teams on their class’ card.  If you can, please send in £2 for your chance to take part.

 ASDA Green Tokens

On a final and very important note – please remember that our school is taking part in the ASDA GreenToken competition.  Please visit the ASDA at Hunts Cross and get those tokens in our tub!  Thanks in advance to everyone helping with this.

 Yours sincerely 

Mr S Hanley