Battery Recycling Challenge - and the winners are...

Date: 27th Mar 2018 @ 8:13am

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped Plantation recycle 2276 batteries over the course of the last half term! These batteries would have ended up in landfill and potentially been a risk to the environment and wildlife. They will now be responsibly recycled by ‘BatteryBack’, one of the UK’s ‘premier Pruducer Compliance Schemes’.

Congratulations to all the children in Upper 5 who managed to recycle 849 and win the battery recycling challenge. Remember, you now have the football cage for the first three days back in the Summer term or you have to options of using the iPads and laptops during break.

In order to continue recycling and helping the environment and wildlife, Plantation will be getting their own 60 litre recycling container. This will be left by the school’s entrance where children and parents/carers can continue recycling their batteries.

Another success is that we recycled nearly 700 batteries more than our partner school (St Jean Baptiste De La Salle) in France:

Plantation 2276 : 1564 St Jean Baptiste De La Salle


Mr Hodgson

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