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Welcome to Mr Palmer's class page!



Welcome to Mr Palmer's class page. Below is some important information for both children and parents.

Key Information:


  • Monday (Indoor)
  • Friday (Outdoor)

On the days that your child has a PE or Games lesson, we ask that they come to school in their PE/Games kit. They will wear this kit for the whole day instead of their uniform.

Please ensure your child comes to school in the correct PE kit with a plain tracksuit and trainers to wear for the whole day. Children should not be attending school in replica sports kits, such as football kits. For more information regarding the correct P.E kit, please go to:



Every week, your children will be expected to:

  • Every week to practice their spellings from their log books
  • Practise their times tables by using Times Table Rockstars or any other method (at least 15 minutes)
  • Read their accelerated reading book with an adult (at least 4 times a week)
  • Complete designated assignments on Mirodo as and when required.


Please can you ensure that the children's planners are brought into school every day and signed by an adult every Thursday night. Each time, your child reads, they need to record what they have read and the number of pages under the appropriate date. For our reading award scheme, please count the number of days your child has read and update this weekly in the planner. 

Log in details for the websites will be on the inside cover of your child's journal.

Multiplication Check: Children will be completing the Official Multiplication Check for all Year 4 children in June, so times tables are especially important. They need to know all of their times tables up to 12 x12 by that point.  

Spellings: The children will be given a new set of spellings to take home in their log books to practice each week. These books must come in every day. 

Times Tables: The children will be tested on Friday

Reading: The children will be using a reading scheme called 'Accelerated Reading'. This scheme will identify a 'range of scores' for your child and recommend suitable books based on that range. You may think that the books being recommended to your child are 'easy', but this scheme has been designed to quiz your child on their understanding of the content of the book, not the fluency of their reading. Once your child completes their book, they need to bring the book into school and complete the quiz on an iPad in school. They will receive a % score and the scheme will then recommend a new book for them to read. Alternatively, the children could check on the Accelerated Reading app whether any books that they have at home fit into their 'range of scores' and if so, complete the quizzes available.

Water bottles & snacks:

Please ensure your child comes to school with a water bottle labelled with their name. Also, if your child wishes to have a snack during break times, it must be one of the following items: 

  • Toast
  • Fruit
  • Plain biscuit

Your child's timetable:


Year Autumn Term Curriculum Map:



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