Cavern Club Visit

Date: 16th Jul 2018 @ 6:51pm

Year Two were given the red carpet treatment at the world famous Cavern Club today. 

Nick and Clark met us and took us all to the front of the club and gave us a talk about the history of the Cavern and more about a group that you may have heard of! They then played a Beatles set list just for us, taking requests from the children.  After that we had lunch and the Cavern even gave us juice and the use of the back room just for Year Two. 

On our way home, we called into Penny Lane to see the famous road sign that Paul McCartney signed and we had lots of fun spotting the Barbers Shop and the bus shelter from the song.  

What a wonderful experience for the children to share in a part of our city's unique historical and cultural contribution to the world. 

We all wanted to go back! 

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