Colour blending with our Dough Disco

Date: 27th Apr 2016 @ 2:39pm

This week in nursery we have been colour mixing. Usually when we mix colours we use paint, this week we chose playdough.

First of all we made two batches of dough, one red and one blue (See the Playdough Recipe Blog if you want to make your own).

Once the playdough had cooled down we each had a ball of red and a ball of blue dough.

We got ourselves into a space on the floor and the disco began.

During the disco we used all of our fingers to squeeze, squish, poke, pat and roll the playdough. Ruby Ring, Tommy Thumb, Peter Pointer, Toby Tall and Baby Small all like to go to the dough disco too and they each have a part to play.

We were all very enthusiastic and when we finished, to our amazement we no longer had red and blue playdough.

What colour playdough do you think we had made?

Red and blue mixed together makes.....Purple.

We now have lots of lovely purple playdough to create beautiful cakes, pancakes, animals and to use our imagination!

I wonder what colour playdough we will mix in our dough disco next week? 



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Davian wrote:

Thanks for helping me to see things in a difefrent light.

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