Google Classroom

Date: 5th Oct 2020 @ 11:11am

Dear Parents/Carers,

Class 3A are now able to access Google Classroom and the children’s login details have been stuck into their planners today.  The children practised logging onto Google Classroom on Friday and again today, to check that they could access it. The children have also practised carrying out very basic activities, taking a picture of their work and returning it back to me.

I have assigned a simple piece of homework which you will find in the Maths section of Google Classroom. I would be most grateful if you could support your child sometime over the next week, helping them to login and access their work. Your child will then be able to complete the work on a piece of paper, take a photograph of it, and then return it to me.

If Google Classroom invites your child to write a private comment to me, please ask them not to do so at this time, because I am not currently able to access these comments. Therefore, I will not be able to respond. This resource will most likely be activated in the (hopefully) unlikely event of a whole class or whole school closure.

Full details of how to access Google Classroom was sent out to parents/carers last week. However, if you need further help, please refer to the instructions on Mrs Chiocchi’s (Class 3A) page on the school website.

If you child is currently off school ill, please don’t worry, I will provide them with their login details upon their return to school.

Thank you for your help and ongoing support.

Mrs Chiocchi












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