Reception 2020 FAQs Page

Date: 23rd Apr 2020 @ 3:28pm

This is the Reception 2020 frequently asked questions page. 

If you have any questions about Reception 2020 and can't find the answer on this page please use the comment box below and hopefully a member of our team can get back to you with an answer.  


Thank you,

EYFS Team 

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Scarlet lambert wrote:

I Accept nursery place .

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Mr Murphy wrote:

Hello, thank you for visiting the page, but unfortunately this isn’t where you inform us our your intentions regarding your child’s place in Reception 2020. Please go to the Parent & Carers tab > then hover over the Reception 2020 tab > then move / hover over the Intention Response Form Reception 2020 and click on the tab > then from there click the option that is applicable to you. Thanks again, Mr Murphy.

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