Spring Watch!

Date: 29th Apr 2016 @ 2:45pm

We went for a walk to look for signs of Spring and found lots of new leaves growing and bursting out of thier buds, we saw daffodils and blossom flowering on the trees.  It was a beautifully sunny day and the birds were singing, we think they were happy collecting twigs and feathers to make their nests ready for their chicks.  We had a great discussion about the changes in seasons and how now the weather is changing anf getting warmer the plants are bursting into life and growing rapidly.  We talked about plants needing a drink to help them grow just like us and how they get their water from rain or us when we kindly water them.  We are all excited for the Summer now! 


Challenge: look out for signs of Spring where you live and on your journey to Nursery.  Talk about the changes you see and watch closely each day.

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Janaya wrote:

Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and rugnnni.

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