Summer Term Week 5 - English

Date: 15th May 2020 @ 11:19am

Hi everyone,

Here is the English work for the week along with the answers. Please complete one activity each day and keep checking on Twitter to see your friends sharing their work.

This week there will be some useful video clips to watch on a website called If you can, register to the website, it’s free and will only take a few minutes. This is a great website which includes lots of resources and clips from famous authors.

Monday – Follow the link below and listen to Angela McAllister read the poem Rainforest from her beautiful book Wild World. (A reading from Wild World)

Read the poem yourself and then answer the questions on the reading mat (this can be done without watching the clip).

Later in the week, Angela will be setting you a writing challenge which is based on the Galapagos Islands. I have assigned you some books to read on Epic and it would be helpful to read these before Friday. These books do include some tricky vocabulary, so why not read them with someone at home.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be all about the simple past and present tense. Please go through the PowerPoint presentation before completing any work to remind you of the differences between the tenses. There is a Parent Guide to help too.

Tuesday – Sort the verbs into past and present tense.

Wednesday – Past and present tense activity sheet.

Thursday – Past and present tense mini test.

Friday – Watch the clip ‘Angela’s Writing Challenge.’

In this clip, Angela asks you to write a poem based on the creatures of the volcanic Galapagos Islands. You could even watch the clip titled ‘Advice for writing poetry’ to get some top tips from our published author.

Use your research into the Galapagos Islands to help you and remember to keep your poem in the present tense. You have been practising this all week and I’m sure you’re an expert at it by now!


Don’t forget to log onto Spelling Shed to complete your spelling assignments for the week. This week we are focusing on adding the suffixes -ly and -ness. Practise these spellings and then choose ten to test yourself on at the end of the week.



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