The eggs have hatched!!!

Date: 12th Jul 2016 @ 5:03pm

Take a look at our amazing hatching photos!!! 

We have been incubating 12 eggs in our new incubator. Last week we `candled` the eggs with a special kind of torch and we were able to see the shadows of the chicks moving about inside the eggs! It was absolutely amazing.

In the very early hours of Monday morning, the first chick hatched making a very noisy entrance into the world!!! Mrs Lawrence managed to video the whole event on the iPad so we were all able to watch the hatching up close. During the school morning we were lucky enough for two more chicks to hatch and some of us saw it happening, these two were very quick indeed!

This is what some of the children had to say about it all........

"Look! It`s cracking out!" Lily F

"It`s so exciting! We`ve got two chicks now!" Jessica

"It`s looking at me!" Josh

"Ah, he`s here!" Reina

"They are babies! Those two look the same!" Will

"He`s cute!" Neil

"Oh wow! There`s three!" Riley F

"I think those two are girls! We can take them to Acorn Farm" Bailey

"They are hatching really quick aren`t they?" April

"There`s loads more eggs in there! We will have more chicks!" Connie

"They are so cute, their noses are pink!" Heidi

 "Them are too sticky, they need to dry!" Maxi

"There`s two girls and one boy" Emma

"Those eggs need to hatch!" Kayden

Another egg started to crack and we could see its little beak poking through the hole, and we could hear it cheeping from inside the egg! We watched it closely all afternoon and expected it to hatch, but it didn`t! Mrs Lawrence took them all home and waited all evening but still it didn`t hatch. This one was taking a very long time indeed! When she woke up early in the morning there it was, finally out! We hope there will be some more eggs hatching soon and we hope they will arrive for the afternoon children to see.

The first chick to hatch was a boy, we called him Pip because he was the first to `pip` his shell. The second and third chicks were girls and we called them Patch and Pam. Patch has a little dark patch on the back of her head. And the fourth chick is a boy called Pop!

We are all very excited about the chicks. We have learned so much about them already!!! Ask me to talk you through the photographs!

We have all been holding the tiny chicks today, keep checking the website for the next update with lots more photographs of us enjoying them.

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