Year 4 Week 3

Date: 18th Apr 2020 @ 5:16pm

Week 3

Welcome back

Miss Brown and I  hope you had a good Easter, even though it probably would not have been the sort you were expecting. 

As I did before the holiday, I will put everything for the week onto this page and that gives you the chance to pick and choose as you go. There is a week of Maths and a week of English as well as spellings (spelling shed) and times tables (TTrockstars). There are also other activities that you might want to try as you go through the week. Let us know what you have done, what you have enjoyed and generally about how everything is going. You can either do this through the comments on this page or the Twitter Palmer feed, as that is the one that is being used for all of Year Four. 



Joe Wicks

YouthSportTrust Home Learning


Yoga for Kids

11:30: Live Dance Lesson



Body Percussion

Out of the Ark (A song a day)


White Rose Maths  (1 lesson each day)




This week's spellings: Words that end is "sion" sound

The words are all verbs and end in ‘d’ and ‘de’. This means that they use sion.

Try to learn these words. Use spelling shed to help you

Reading: Have a look at Epic- Read the books that have been allocated and answer the quizzes.


 Have a go at 3 of the Literacy home learning activities attached. (Answers are also attached)


Watch the film and then rewrite the narrative as a first person recount from Tony's point of view. 

Other Subjects

BBC Bitesize 
Try the other Subjects. 


Other Resources and activities you might want to do:

Spellings A great ste to practice your spellings

Story time with David Walliams

10:30:  Daily Lesson from Lit Film Fest

11:00. Live Lesson: English with Holly

11:00 Maddie Moate (Planet Earth Week)

I see Maths (Daily Lesson)

BBC Bitesize

You could also try this,

English: Practice your spellings with this game.


Let me know how it all goes and let's see if more people can get some dojo's.

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