Children's flu vaccine

Knowsley immunisation team have been delivering Fluenz to all our Primary school age children (Reception to Year 5) across Knowsley. 

The immunisation service are going to put on some additional clinics after Christmas during the school holidays to enable parents to attend who want their child to have the vaccine. The flu spray is a quick and painless procedure.

The immunisation service is holding the following clinics across Knowsley. No appointment is needed, families can just turn up! Hopefully this will decrease the risks of illness throughout the winter period. 





Wednesday  2nd January

2pm - 4pm                

Bluebell PCRC

Bluebell Lane

L36 7XY

Thursday 3rd January

10am – 12noon

Halewood PCRC

Roseheath Drive

L26 9UQ

Friday 4th January

10am – 12noon

St Chads PCRC

St Chads Drive

L34 1ND