End of year message from Mr Hanley

Dear parent/carer

We know that this may have been a very unsettling time for you, our school community, and especially for our children.  For some of our families we have been able to support you with continued school places and we hope that this has been safe, enjoyable and supportive for your children.  Where it has not been possible for children to attend, we hope that the Home Learning has helped you in your role as temporary teachers at home.  We know that things like our online virtual chats with staff and children have had a huge impact in lifting everyone and keeping us connected.

It is heart-breaking that our Year 6 pupils have not had all the fun and excitement that they usually have before moving on to ‘big school’.  This is probably one of the hardest parts of the whole crisis for us as a school.  While we cannot welcome the children back for a visit straightaway in September, we look forward to a time when it is safe to do so.  Good luck to our Class of 2020!

I want to thank all the parents and carers who have been coming to school for their support in following our routines at school.  It has been a huge lift to see you all each morning at the gate and I will have a lasting memory now of our little Early Years group of boys racing up the driveway each morning!

I also want to thank the staff and governors for their hard work, support and diligence throughout these very strange and new times.  Our school has been able to support our families because of everyone’s efforts, commitment and contributions.  In some cases, staff have gone well above and beyond to ensure we offer a safe and supportive school – both in the physical and virtual worlds.

Over the course of the summer holiday period we will rest and recharge but still have much work to do to open up safely for ALL PUPILS in September.

Please keep checking the school website for information and guidance on how school will be organised and running in the new school year.  We will also highlight any updates through our Twitter account @PlantationPS, text and email.

I hope all of you have a great summer, that the weather returns to the lovely sunshine we enjoyed in spring and you keep safe and well!

Take care

Mr Hanley