International Teachers group visit Plantation

On Monday 1st April we were visited by a group of qualified and experienced teachers /trainers who work with the British Council on projects in their respective countries.  For many this was their first visit to the UK and an opportunity to see a UK school.  Needless to say, our children were fantastic and warmly welcomed our visitors to school.  It was great for our children to meet and speak with adults from other countries and cultures.

Feedback from the visitors was very positive, below are just a few examples:

  • Really great teacher constant monitoring and feedback as well as teachers being very active
  • Amazing to NOT see one child who had the look of ‘oh no do we have to do this’ on their faces
  • Time management and lesson planning was exemplary – teacher x packed in 4/5 really useful teaching points into a 30 minute lesson and their instructions giving (checking with students that they understood) was perfect
  • Very impressed by the ‘business as usual’ inclusivity – for example, accommodating a student with English as a second language and allowing an autistic child to go at his/her own pace
  • Inspiring to see how children as young as grade 1 are encouraged to ask questions and feel free to do so
  • Many teachers were surprised by and hugely appreciative of how: welcoming/inquisitive/warm and emotional the children were with them
  • Healthy to see how technology didn’t figure majorly but did seem nicely integrated
  • Very impressed by the creative use of spaces/materials etc (woodland area in particular but also recycling)

Our visitors are part of British Council Conference taking place in Liverpool and we were so glad to have had the opportunity for our children to meet and welcome them to the UK.  We hope they have a fantastic conference and their trip to the UK helps their understanding of the excellent work our pupils do.