Message about our positive cases

Friday, 2nd October 2020


Dear parents/carers

As you may be aware we have had a small number of cases across different bubbles recently.  I would like to reassure parents and carers that we have a wide variety of measures throughout school to support the safety and welfare of us all.

With each case that we encounter, our measures and risk assessment are revisited and additional measures introduced where possible.  This review is always done in liaison with the Local Authority, Public Health and Knowsley’ s Health & Safety Link Officer for school.

With so much coverage in the media recently about the rates of transmission in Knowsley and other surrounding areas, it is perhaps inevitable that we will encounter cases at our school.

I do hope, however, that you are reassured by our measures at school and know that we are constantly working to ensure we keep our children and our school community safe.

To support this, we will continue to work with the Local Authority, Public Health and Knowsley’ s Health & Safety Team.  We will continue to challenge ourselves to check we are doing all that we can and work to keep our children attending our school.

I know that our children need to be at school.  This helps them learn, socialise with their friends and flourish.  We are developing Google Classroom to support learning away from school and while this will be good, it can never replace the classrooms here.

As a Headteacher, I feel confident that all our staff are working to keep us safe.

As a parent, I would be happy to have my child attend our school as I know they would be in good hands.  I hope you do too.

Please continue to support us with the hard work you are doing.  Remember the rules we have as a nation, the additional measures we have locally, and the measures we ask you to follow on site.

Take care, have a safe and lovely weekend.

Mr Hanley