Messages for the end of year.

Message 1 – Year 1 to year 6

Pick-up arrangements – The children are now in different classrooms in preparation for next year. Pick-up on Wednesday (3.15pm) and Friday (2pm) will be from the same doors as all year. Thursday is our transition day and children will be with their new teacher in their new room. They will also leave via their exit for next year. These will be signs posted around the school, please look out for the flip charts and signs. If unsure, please ask a member of staff. Year 6 will leave via the main office.


Message 2 – Year 1 to Year 5

Friday is the last day of term. As is traditional, children from Year 1 to Year 5 will be able to bring in a game to play with. We recommended games they can share with friends i.e. board games, that are not too expensive as school cannot be held responsible for any breakages. Electronic devices that can access the internet such as iPads, mobile phones, watches etc are not allowed and will be removed from the child if brought in.


Message 3 – Year 1 to Year 5

Last Day Friday 19th July - Children should be in normal uniform. Only Year 6 wear their own clothes. As usual for the summer holidays, children will finish at 2pm. Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up on time as staff will not be available after school hours.

Thank you. 

Mr Boulton