School Closure - Resources for all children but especially SEND children.

School Closure – Resources for all children but particularly  for SEND children. 

Good morning to all our families. I would like to start by saying we really miss all of you who are staying at home and I am sure you are all being well behaved and helping your parents and carers through these strange times. 

This update is aimed at SEND children in particular (as these links came from Knowsley SEND team) but, having looked through the resources, there are plenty of things in there that all children/parents/carers will find useful. 

As well as academic work, there are links to support social and emotional well being, as well as resources to support you in explaining to your children the current strange situation we find ourselves in.

The first link is already on class pages and will take you to Knowsley Local Offer website with lots of great ideas and information on the COVID 19 tabs

Below this message are a few tables with some more links and recommended apps. There is a lot here but scroll through and select the most suitable ones for your child. 

We recommend you looking at any websites first before sharing before sharing with your children to ensure the content is age appropriate. 

Stay safe everyone and remember we will get back to some sort of normality eventually. 

Mr Boulton 





Search in your app store for

(Website link included if appropriate)

Sensory App House Ltd

This company has a range of apps for a variety of pupils mainly with PMLD or SLD. All are interactive and many don’t need significant coordination abilities 

Look out for:

  • Sensory Magma
  • Sensory Speak Up – Vocalize
  • Sensory Painting
  • Peeking Musicians
  • Sensory CineFx – Fun Effects


Sensory App House Ltd’



Edujoy entertainment

Educational games to develop and reinforce skills of visual and spatial perception. Useful for all ages but great for SLD learners.

Kids Play Visual Games

Play Toddlers

Has a range of levels and choices to play with a family. Helps learners improve their general knowledge of household objects, vehicles, animals, food, shapes, colours and many more

Find It: Hidden Objects for Children & Toddlers

An app aimed at getting children to make animals form puzzle pieces, it gradually gets harder. Useful for some SLD & MLD pupils.

Toddler Animal Puzzle – Game for children (Free)

Learn to Write Letter and Words

Designed to help learners trace letters, numbers and words.

Writing Wizard – Handwriting

Brain Parade 

Visual instruction for autism and special needs. Flash card and picture choosing games.


Duck Duck Moose

A range of apps for pupils of different abilities. Includes maths games, nursery rhymes, racing games and many more.

Duck Duck Moose LLC


Busy Things Limited

Lots of fun and educational games to support early literacy, maths and problem-solving development 

Busy Bundle



Interactive websites 




SENict Activites 

Ian Bean has been creating interactive resources for years – there is a complete range of activities mainly aimed at PMLD and SLD learners. Some can be downloaded and used offline.


Inclusive Technology Limited (Help Kidz Lean) 

Useful for SLD pupils who are interested in singing, cause and effect activities 

These can become quite expensive if bought via the app store.

For the period of school closure there is a home access licence. Many pupils will recognise both ‘game and activities’ or ‘Choose It Maker’ activities from school.

Priory Woods School

A fun selection of switch or touch screen videos – suitable for all ages with simple and clear animations to watch and move to.


A range of interactive games for SLD learners

Poisson Rouge

A range of simple interactive games. Some free content; family membership £10 per year.

Includes a range of resources including literacy, maths, and hide and seek games.

Papunet Games

Scandinavian website with simple interactive games, activities and puzzles.

SEN Assist

A range of interactive traditional stories assessed at different levels.


Resources websites




PMLD thematic units – from the Northern Ireland Curriculum

Comprehensive guidance for themed activities for learners with PMLD. It’s a full sensory curriculum, but parents could pick and choose according to what is possible and desirable.

Communication 4 All

Lots of resources for the whole curriculum, with inclusion and accessibility in mind.

Do2Learn (USA)

Provides thousands of free pages with social skills and behavioural regulation activities and guidance, learning songs and games, communication cards, academic material, and transition guides for employment and life skills.

Widgit Online 


Commonly used by teachers to make symbols for learners in school – offer available for the closure period. Use code WIDGIT30

The Sensory Project (Joanna Grace) 

Includes links to a range of sensory activities that can be done at home. Aimed particularly at pupils with PMLD. She has set up a Covid 19 page alongside her regular project page.


Inclusive Teach

May be useful for sensory stories, sensory play ideas, AAC games and communication resources.


SEN Teacher 

Links to lots of useful resources aimed at learners with SEND. Good for tools and adaptable templates.


SEND Computing

Hub for a massive collection of website and apps recommended for learners with SEND.