Staying Safe Online - Houseparty app

As some children are likely to be spending more time on technology that they normally would, at times for educational purposes and at other times for social reasons, we felt it would be useful to remind our parents of keeping our children safe online.


While using technology for social purposes is important for children to remain in touch with friends and bring some normality to their lives at this time, there is also in increased risk as they spend more time on devices and explore new apps for connecting to their friends. 


To help you keep up to date with the latest trends Knowsley City Learning Centre will be producing some online safety newsletters which will help you as parents/carers to keep up to date with what children might be using and how to protect them while using it.


The first of these is below and is all about the app ‘Houseparty’ which has seen a big rise in popularity in the past month.


We hope it is useful for you.