Volunteers wanted!

Volunteering at Plantation

Volunteering at our School can be an important support for our staff and children.  It may be that you would like to volunteer to help your career prospects as you are thinking about coming into teaching or training as a teaching assistant and want to get some experience in advance of going on to applying for courses.  It may be that you want to help us help our children with their learning, for example listening to readers.  It may also be that we have something special going on in school or a particular club that you can help us with.

If you are able to volunteer and we have something you can get involved in then we would love to hear from you.  At the foot of this page is a simple form to complete and pass in to school.  (If you need support in completing the form then please don't hesitate to ask.)  Our School Office will then look at which member of staff it involves and pass on your information; for example, if you would like to help out in Nursery the form would be passed to Mrs Booth our EYFS Leader.  The relevant member of staff will then get in touch to arrange things further if there is a space or keep your details until such time as there is a space.

At the moment we want to get as many of our children  as possible to read to an adult as much as possible.  Could you spare some time to listen to readers?  If you can then we would greatly appreciate your help.

IMPORTANT NOTE - We avoid placing volunteers with children who are related to them, for example a parent who has a child in Y1 would be asked to volunteer in a different Year group.

So, could you volunteer?  Will you volunteer?  It may be a great opportunity to help us and also help you!