Introduction to Smart School Councils.

  In our school we have started a smart school council! This is so that everyone has a say and not just the council deciding; we think it is good to give everyone a chance to speak out. We do this by having class meetings, setting up action teams and through regular meeting with the communication team.yes


We have a class meeting every other week. In these class meetings we discuss the problems or things we want to make better in our school. One of our class meetings was about the litter problem we have, so we asked the school in a class meeting what we wanted to do about it. Their answer was to have an action team to decide what to do. So far they have arranged to clean it up at lunchtime, to make posters to encourage children and parents to put rubbish in bins and have shared their ideas in assembly. Another class meeting was about rewards and what we would want to get for outstanding behaviour. It ended up leading to Plantaion Tokens which we will get for not losing golden time or winning the attendance. We have had alot of class meetings, and it really does improve our school making it the best we can .

Action Teams

In our school we have action teams,these are for children would like to start a club/activity in school.They are allowed to do this by filling in an action team form in and returning it to Mr Boulton, recently we have had some action teams called:Get Dramatic,The LOL Club,Early learners, The litter team and The £50 challenge action team competition for our summer fair.