Introduction to Smart School Councils.

In Plantation Primary we have a Smart School Council. This allows everyone to have a voice in school life instead of just the council deciding; we think it is good to give everyone a chance to speak out. We do this by having Class Meetings, setting up Action Teams, and through regular meetings of the Communication Team. 


Class Meetings.

We have a class meeting whenever there is an issue raised in school that requires pupil voice.  In these class meetings, we discuss the issues in groups and have a vote about what we think would be the best option. In the past we have had meetings about litter that led to an action team organising litter picks and information leaflets for parents; meetings about the type of rewards we would like that led to the setting up of the Plantation Tokens reward system; and meetings about school uniform that led to a change with the summer uniform.

Action Teams.

We have action teams for children who would like to start a club/activity in school. They do this by filling in an action team form in and returning it to Mr Boulton who will decide if the team can go ahead. If it does, it is the responsibility of the children to make it work.

Communication Team.

The job of the Communication Team is to keep everybody informed about what is happening in our Smart School Council. To be a member of the team, you need to apply and then attend regular meetings to ensure all jobs are completed.