Christmas Fayre - 5th December



Please remember that we will be holding our Christmas Fayre Thursday 5th December.

We are trying out a new format to the fayre this year and one reason for this is to get the children handling money, taking responsibility and being independent.

The fayre will take place during the school day and stalls will be covered by staff and Year 6 pupils.

  • All stalls will be 50p per go and there will be seven different stalls.  This means that all children can have a go at everything for just £3.50.
  • Children must bring in no more than £5 for the fayre.
  • Please send your child in with coins and not paper money.  We would love to see the children paying and working out their change.  This will help develop their real life maths skills.
  • All money sent in will be the child’s responsibility (age appropriately supported by our staff) and must come to school in a clearly labelled envelope or purse.  This develops the children’s self reliance and independence.
  • All children will be fully supervised for the fayre, however, staff will be looking to promote the chidlren’s independence in going round the stalls and following our values of being kind, gentle and respectful.

We look forward to the fayre being both a fun event and a great event to promote their lifelong learning!