Conduct of parents/carers and other visitors


Schools are private places even though they serve a public function. Parents and guardians of pupils who are on the school roll have an ‘implied license’ to enter school premises. The Headteacher and governors have the power to set out the terms and conditions for this licence. The Headteacher is legally responsible for the day to day running and organization of the school and so decides the acceptable standard for the behaviour of adult visitors to the site. A parent’s licence to enter the school premises may be withdrawn by the Headteacher if they behave in a manner that is harmful to others.The ethos of this school requires all visitors to behave in an acceptable manner when on school premises. On almost all occasions parents, guardians and other visitors are polite, proper and behave in an acceptable manner. On the very rare occasions when the behaviour of a visitor falls below the standard that the school expects a visitor will be asked to leave the premises and may be banned from future access for a period of time.


All visitors to our school premises should follow these basic principles and values:

  • To ensure that adults visiting the school behave in a polite and proper manner and that they conduct themselves in an acceptable way.
  • To ensure that all adults including visitors and members of staff are treated properly and respectfully.
  • To protect all in school from intimidating, unreasonable or threatening behaviour.
  • To ensure the safety and welfare of all in school.
  • To ensure that people raise issues or complaints in a polite, proper and acceptable manner.
  • To ensure that there is zero tolerance of raised voices, threatening language or other unacceptable conduct on school premises.


By adhering to these aims and values, adults visiting the school behave in an acceptable manner. On the very rare occasions where this is not the case the Headteacher has the legal authority to require any person who behaves in an unacceptable manner to leave the premises immediately and to request the police to remove them if they do not leave.


At school we discuss our values of kindness, being gentle and respectful regularly with our children.  Please ensure your conduct and behaviour on school premises reflects these values at all times, we are the models for our young people.


Many thanks for your support in ensuring this is a safe, respectful place for our pupils.